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Dr. Marta Duarte

Dr. Marta Duarte is a physician licensed by the University of Porto, certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Following completion of various in-depth trainings, Dr Marta Duarte has created her own style of injection defined as “enhancing the natural beauty”. Her modern style is in particular inspired by Dr. Arthur Swift’s “BeauthiPHIcation” concept as she has been a keen participant on several hands-on trainings by Dr. Swift himself.

The technique of Dr. Marta Duarte, focuses mainly on the correction of the facial proportion, and on the facial contour, using a combination prescribed individually for each patient of dermal fillers, injections of botulinum toxin, tension wires (collagen stimulators) and / or lasers.

She has dedicated himself to aesthetic medicine for several years, namely clinical activity in Dubai, where he has the honor of having several well-known personalities from the Middle East as patients, and having had the opportunity to treat patients of various ethnicities, both male and female, who represent an added challenge, given the different physiognomies and culturally different concepts of beauty.

In addition to the study of facial beauty, Dr. Marta Duarte has a degree in Aesthetic Gynecology, from the Institute of Aesthetic Rejuvenation in New York, being one of the few aesthetic medicine doctors specialized in intimate non-surgical rejuvenation in Dubai and Lisbon.

Dr. Marta Duarte is also a laser specialist, and works with several innovative devices in Aesthetic Medicine for facial and intimate rejuvenation.

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