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Ultrasound | Radio Frequency


Combination of a new ultrasound technology that emits acoustic waves that are homogeneously distributed throughout the area to be treated in order to effectively break the most resistant adipose cells (fat cells).

These acoustic waves are the result of the combination of three modes of vibration of the ultrasound propagation (longitudinal, transversal and flexural) acting, in this way, in all directions of the fat layer. Being an extremely selective and focused treatment, it does not damage the surrounding tissues.

Radio Frequency

Esta tecnologia transmite directamente para os tecidos ondas electromagnéticas de alta potência, provocando uma movimentação rápida das moléculas de água que compõe a nossa pele. Esta movimentação gera um atrito entre as moléculas produzindo, em profundidade, um poderoso efeito térmico nos tecidos.

This heating will also cause a volumetric contraction of the elastic fibers and stimulate the production of collagen, contributing, thus, for an increase in elasticity and an improv ement in the quality of the skin and the appearance of cellulite.

This handle also features an innovative In-Motion ™ rotating technology integrated in its head which, in addition to helping to contour and mobilize tissues more effectively, accelerates the metabolism by promoting a faster lymphatic drainage, improves the vascularization of the area and also gives a greater comfort and safety throughout the treatment, allowing a gradual and effective increase in temperature.

In body and facial remodeling treatments, ultrasound technology is first applied to fight against accumulated fat and, then, radiofrequency to mobilize tissues, activate microcirculation and cutaneous vascularization, among others.

The specialist, after applying petroleum jelly (ultrasound) or oil (radio frequency) to the chosen area, passes a head that moves constantly until the skin temperature reaches 40 to 42 degrees.

One can treat both the face, neck and décolleté in facial treatments; such as arms, abdomen, flanks, glutes and legs, in the body. In body treatments the duration is 20 minutes.

Each session takes just 20 minutes thanks to the large area of ​​the ultrasound and radio frequency emitting head. The treatment is comfortable to perform because the gradual heating of the radio frequency is compensated by an integrated cooling system, which can be used in areas as delicate as the face, neck and even the neckline.

The technology is safe because it is possible to focus the energies on the target tissues without damaging the surrounding ones. It can be performed on any type of skin, at any time of the year. He has no time to recover and normal life can be resumed immediately.

The main indications are flaccidity and / or “localized fat” in order to improve body shape and contour. The mobilization of fat deposits and the tightening of the skin also improves the texture of the skin and decreases cellulite.

The most frequently treated areas are the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, the inner side of the legs, the flanks, the back and the arms. Different areas can be treated simultaneously.

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