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Intimate Chemical Peeling

This treatment was designed with the aim of improving pigmentation, as well as rejuvenating and lightening the skin in the genital and anal region.

This procedure can be performed on both men and women and consists of treating hyperpigmentation in private parts of the body.

In the case of women, treatment is done from the pubic area to the area around the anal area. In men, the procedure is performed from the groin to the anal area. The results of this treatment are similar to those of a facial peel.

It is necessary that the patient’s intimate area has been completely shaved 48 hours before the procedure.

The product will be applied in the designated area, where it will act for 8 minutes. Then, the product is removed, and as a rule, 4 sessions are required (1 every 2 weeks) in order to achieve the desired results.

Treatment is painless, although you may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. The treated area will be slightly sensitive after treatment, so we do not recommend physical exercise on the same day.

You will be advised to wear loose clothing and avoid laser or waxing throughout the entire process. This treatment does not require a period of inactivity.

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