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Tattoo Removal

Alma Lasers latest laser technology is the method chosen by Dr Marta Beauty to more effectively and safely eliminate a tattoo.

It is a selective procedure since the laser is directed only at the pigmented area, crossing the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin), but without damaging it, reaching the pigment and destroying the existing paint layers in order to defragment the tattoo on smaller particles. These micro-particles will naturally be eliminated in the days following the treatment.

Aspects such as the type of tattoo, its size, its depth, the type of ink and the colors used, must be considered to determine the number of sessions required for each tattoo and the laser to be used. However, it is recommended to perform about 7 sessions with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks between them.

In general, black tattoos, homogeneous and with fine lines are easier to remove since the laser has a greater affinity for dark colors and, as such, are the ones that need less sessions.

On the other hand, colored tattoos are more difficult to remove and, as a consequence, can still change color during the process, usually requiring a greater number of sessions. There are some colors, such as yellow, that may not be fully removable, leaving a lingering shade.

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