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Collagen stimulating filler application

Collagen represents 70% of all skin protein and is a substance that our cells naturally produce helping to maintain the structure, firmness, and elasticity of the skin, being a great ally to your health and beauty. Over time this production of collagen decreases, contributing to the appearance of sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Biostimulators, in general, cause a mild inflammatory reaction in the dermis, causing our fibroblasts (cells responsible for the production of collagen) to activate and produce new fibers that support the skin, providing a firmer, smoother and rejuvenated skin.

Some of these bio stimulators also have a filling function, such as Ellansé®, which, depending on the amount used, also offer volume to the treated area. The aim is to guarantee a more harmonized skin surface and also to restore the individual characteristics of each face.

The following collagen bio stimulators are available on the market: Sculptra® (polyl-L-lactic acid), Ellansé® (Polycaprolactone), and Radiesse® (calcium hydroxyapatite).

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