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Tightening Lip Majora

This treatment consists of the use of fractional CO2 laser, creating a skin rejuvenation effect, stimulated by the slight heating of the treated area, inducing the production and deposit of collagen in the deeper layers of the tissue.

Treatment requires the application of a topical anesthetic cream 20 minutes before treatment.

With just one session, it is possible to observe a change in the appearance of the majora lips, being visible an improvement of the texture and the lifting effect of the skin.

As a rule, the procedure does not cause any discomfort, nor does it require a period of inactivity afterwards. The patient can resume her daily routine immediately after the procedure.

Although the results are visible right after the first session, it is usually recommended to hold 3 sessions.

The results improve over the 3 to 6 months after the procedure, corresponding to the estimated period of time for the production of collagen.

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